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Jesus, show me what you ought of me, Lord give my heart a calm relief..teach me and direct my footsteps moment by moment, let me live a life pleasing to you and one that is ever true. Allow my soul to find shelter under your wing of protection, and to flee the devil’s snares. So that when all is said and is done, I would have lived my life as a faithful servant, Amen


the tale of the swan (life lesson 1)

Swans are incredibly beautiful animals. They glide across the lakes, and flaunt their beauty. They are iridescently magnificent to gaze upon, with their fair white feathers, elegant features and graceful demeanor a top the water. As graceful as the swan seems, their actions are far from it. Bitter, meaness and self-indulgence are at the showcase each time they are on display.

So the questions begs to be asked, as we swans? Beautiful on the outside, but with insides so ugly and self-centered our beauty as lost it’s savor? Are we compelling both outwardly and inwardly? When others meet us, are they drawn to what we look like, but turned away when we speak or act, or are they drawn even closer when we live?


Let the love of God transcend you to be kind to others and love without reservations
~ Sasha-Shae

Let the love of God transcend you to be kind to others and love without reservations

~ Sasha-Shae

No matter how you rock it, just rock it natural!


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Over? Says who?

(This is a follow up to my previous It’s Not Over post)

I was thinking how funny but amazingly awesome the story of Joseph is. Here is a guy who has a vision of what he will become according to a promise of God, yet part way he is sold into slavery, not just by captivity, but by people who are to love him, who are to be his earthly shield and help; but they rather get rid of his “annoyances” than put up with his presence. Albeit, Jospeh was a bit of a show off yes, but that’s another thing, are we to shun and put away from us everything that somehow rubs us wrong even if the end thereof is a good thing? Either way the brothers had enough and decied life was better without him.

The father of-course is hurt and cannot believe his son is dead. Another thing we always try to do; Because we rather not face our sins and our shame like the fact that we aren’t perfect, we messed up, we rather choose to put it out of our lives, and should a possibility arise that we will be caught, we have a back up plan, in this case the brothers had a back up plan of “he died here’s the proof”.

After this, Joseph now feels weary, how can I have dreamed to be great, yet here I am in slavery and imprisoned and at the lowest of life?? We’re going to face harships, who ever wants to willingly face one? (If you meet one, please introduce me so I can learn the art of withstanding). Life is going to throw you major pitfalls and major tests. Joseph could have then and there decided you know what, I refuse to serve God, he betrayed me. Instead humility causes him to lean even more to God. SO with that said, pride gets into our way a lot. We think because we’ve been thrown in the fire, we have to run to sin and run to something else to regain our pride, because why else should I hurt?

At the end of the day, Joseph was used by God to interpret dreams, and this allowed him to come in with favor of the king. A man goes from being enslaved to favorable in the eyes of royalty? So..what we’re seeing here: things were really rough, painstakingly rough, trials were hard and faith could have grown dim, but Joseph ended up coming through to find just what God said would have happened: he would be great.

Moral: not because God promised you He’d take you to become this/that, means you won’t go through any hardships. Which clay pot have you ever seen last without being put through the fire? The pot would just remain gooy and woobly and weak, not being able to withstand anything, but its the heat, the fire, that flame that makes it stronger and able to last. And after the fire, comes the glaze! Yes the marvelous glazing process, where you make that pot look so beautiful and perfect. That is exactly what God does for each of us should we follow His will and not lose faith. He will first mold us, then fire us, firing lasts for a time, but it does end, then He will glaze us and displays us as the beautiful pieces we are.

So when it does seem bleak and really dreary, hang on, it’s not over till God says it’s over!!

This again…

She sits choked up on her words, her thoughts encapsulate her.

Frick! I’m here in this same crap again!

Already unable to breathe due to her clogged nostrils, she fights between gaps of air and a want to cry herself to sleep.

I’m above this…but is she really? It’s what she hopes

Her fears flashes before her, like  a white line drawn across the sky

Why can’t this nightmare end? Why must she always find her way back again..back again to this place?

Maybe it’s the way he looked at her, but yet never needed her?

Maybe it’s what he said, but never really meant?

Maybe it’s in her desire to find a love that’s real in someone else towards her?

But..this again..she’s back to this again

How come a guy never see’s me? She asks herself

How come he always thinks the worst or the least?

Why am I never good enough? Is there something wrong with me?

This again..yeh..she’s back to this again

You say don’t worry, don’t think about it

Truth is, it consumes her  core and it’s all she knows

You say pray about it and let it go

Truth is it hurts so much, she doesn’t even know how to bring it before Him.

So she remains..back to this again

Can she find someone who could love her for her?

I’m sure she can, but how long shall she wait?

Should she continue to sell herself short in lieu of love?

You say hold on, don’t give up

Truth be told, she’s already found herself in a rut

You say hang tight it’ll just be a little while

When all she really wants to know is..

Does someone thinks she’s beautiful?

Does a guy specifically thinks she’s beautiful?

Is there a prince who think she’s worth living and dying for?

But as the questions always remain

Unanswered, overlooked and without closure she remains at

This again

~~ this is part one of the story/series: the state of the girl in the raw in her before state, other parts to follow~~

so it began

They sat talking, thinking; what else could be done? Something was missing. In curiosity the others sat and peered their ears to the conversation. “let’s make something special something worthwile let’s do one for the ages”. They instantly got to work. The son sat and watched as his dad got to work. First he realized the gap of darkness so he gave a little light. Next he decided maybe they would enjoy seeing this new place have waters to bask in and a land to rest upon. And so He got busy.

It went on, he thought maybe this beautiful place could have lush greenery that would sprout forth fruits and provide a sight to behold. But lonely would the trees be so He decided to add a few creatures. Ones that could fly, swim, prance and frolic alike. But still yet the father was not pleased. The others marveled at the creations, but stood aloof, what could possibly be wrong? The son, basking in the father’s creation, suggested, maybe they should make something to remind them of themselves. And so it came, the father, for his final masterpiece, decided this would need his special time and dedication.

On bended knees, he got to work. Like a potter, he molded, sculpted and crafted his perfect creation. From dust he spunned this glistening creation, a work so brilliant, the others looked on in utter joy and adoration. When he was finished, he let the son take a good look at it. “But daddy”, the son muttered, “might it not be even more wonderful if it could enjoy the place you’ve just created?” And so the father breathed into his new clay creation, and like a puppet on strings, the creation lived.

The son excited, the others astonished all looked and marveled at the work of the father in a mere week. Never had they seen anything as this, but by far this they know. His hands hath created a beloved possession, one far loved so much that they were made to resemble him, and so the story truly began.

Day 2: mon amour premiere

It was for a girl the almost perfect fairytale. To meet your match, to be pursued, to be wanted and to be loved. <—Sounds all amazing, except my account of my first love, was years ago; and it wasn’t for a person however, but rather for music. Music came and found me when I was desperately seeking a way out of what I had known to be life. It took me to places where I was free to be myself. It understood me when no one else did. It spoke for me when my words couldn’t truly oblige. It was great, it was splendid, it was indeed mon amour premiere. 

Day 1: Mon debut

I’m an enigmatic expression of what a mind, a soul and a life can ignite. Flighting, fearless, resiliently brilliant, yet timid and shy and diffident at times. I am a creative being, a lover of life and all things joy. Brought alive by art, music, poetry, intellectual magnificence and the unknown. A seeker of the genuine things of this earth, God’s friend and child. I am, Sasha-Shae.


Music Fight by Leonid Afremov

{Music Fight by Leonid Afremov}

I was online on a social website, and came across this posting a friend of mine made:

Today, I’m reminded of what a friend told me yesterday: “I know that you just want to run, but sometimes, standing and facing what’s coming is the only thing you can do.” I am tall like a tree for a reason, so now I’m standing here and watching the storm whip around and over me and it only feels like a cool breeze. Effortless. Surrender to life.

It wowed me. Why? Well it’s almost as if my friend was given this message, so that they may pass it on to me. I know it’s always easier to run than face whatever is bothering us, regardless of how little it may be. But we must always be reminded, God put us on this earth for a purpose, He placed within our grasp His helping hand. To us, He’s given the gift of courage if we only accept it. And when we do, life can be effortless. My addendum to the ending: Surrender to God…it can truly change you (for the better!!)